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Caring For Your Artwork

Handling Your Painting

1.    Paintings on canvas are stretched on a light wooden frame; for larger paintings hold the canvas on both sides with both hands to avoid over-stressing the canvas when you move it.

2.    Be careful not to knock the surface as this can create dents in the canvas or scratch the painted surface.

3.    Paintings on watercolour paper will need mounting behind glass in a frame, this will help protect them from damage.

4.    Avoid touching the surface of the artwork as oils from your skin can leave marks.

5.    If you need to store or move your painting always pack it separately and wrap it in bubble wrap.

Choosing a Location for your Artwork

All Artworks are sensitive to the environment and this should be taken into consideration when choosing the location for your painting:

1.    Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or close artificial lights can cause the colours to fade over time.

2.    Extreme temperatures can cause canvas wooden stretchers to expand and contract damaging the canvas and cracking the paint. Hanging your painting over a radiator may cause this problem. 

3.    Moisture will also damage your artwork, avoid hanging your painting on a damp wall as the moisture may be drawn into the back or near an area of steam from a kitchen or bathroom.

4.    Smoke from fires, candles and cigarettes can build up a layer of dirt on the surface of your painting.

5.    Try to avoid placing the painting where people will knock it or brush against it.

Caring For Your Painting

1.    Generally you won't need to clean your painting, but if it becomes dusty you can use a lint free cloth to lightly clean it.

2.    Avoid using any chemical cleaners or polish sprays as these may react with the surface of the painting. If need be, use a damp cloth to remove spots of dirt and stop if the painted surface changes.

If you do accidentally damage your painting contact and I will endeavour to restore your painting to its original radiance.

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