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Feng Shui Koi Fish Paintings

I decided I wanted to paint a Feng Shui Koi Fish painting as I knew that Koi Fish are a symbol for positive energy and abundance, but I found out so much more about the specific colours and history of these beautiful fish.

Why Are Koi Fish Used in Feng Shui Art?

A Koi fish painting is an important Feng Shui cure as it attracts positive forces and numerous beneficial outcomes into your home and workplace.

Why Do They Have So Many Different Positive Associations?

Koi fish have a powerful and energetic life force and are able to swim against currents and travel upstream. This is why they are associated with; Good Fortune, Success, Courage and Determination.

Fish provide sustenance or nourishment and so are associated with Health, Wealth, and Prosperity.

They are also able to reproduce quickly in quite large quantities and so associated with Abundance.

In Japan Koi are seen as a symbol of good fortune, friendship and love and the word 'koi' comes from Japanese meaning 'carp'. Within the Buddhist religion they symbolize courage.

The words for abundance and fish are pronounced the same in the Chinese language 'yu'. Because of this the fish is considered to be the symbol of Wealth in Chinese culture.

In China the symbolic meanings of Koi fish are also believed to stem from the Legend of the Dragon which recognises the Koi for its bravery and strength.

Legend of the Dragon

In the Yellow River in China a large shoal of golden Koi swam upstream, gaining strength by fighting against the current. When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the Koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away. The remaining Koi refused to give up and leaped from the river trying to reach the top of the waterfall, but without success. After a hundred years of jumping, one Koi finally reached the top of the waterfall. The gods recognised the Koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon, an image of power and strength. The whiskers and scales of the Koi are said to resemble that of a dragon.

What Do the Different Colours Mean?

Koi fish were originally bred by the Japanese for their variety of beautiful and varied colours. The core colours are; black, silver, white, gold and red. Each colour represents different aspects or outcomes in life.

Kohaku Koi
Koi with a white body with red spots. Symbolises success in your career. Koi with a white body with red spots and a red circle on its head is believed to encourage advancement in your career.

Kuchibeni Koi
White and red patterned Koi with red colouring around its mouth (the "lipstick" fish). Believed to inspire long lasting, loving relationships.

Kumonryu Koi
Koi with a white body and black spots. Symbolises life changes and transformations. All Black Koi, represents protection and is named after a Japanese dragon of transformation. The purpose of one black Koi in a painting is to absorb any negative energy that enters your home.

Ogon Koi
Silver coloured Koi. These Koi look metallic and represents the fulfilment of wealth in the form of success in business.

Yamabuki Koi
Gold coloured Koi. Represents gold, riches and wealth.

What Does the Number of Koi Depicted in a Painting Mean?

2 Koi Fish represents harmony, love, peacefulness and happiness. The two yin and yang Koi complete each other and create a perfect balance of negative and positive energies. The black and white tear drops of the yin yang symbol are said to be representations of two Koi, one male and one female. The eye of each teardrop is symbolic of the constant watchful eye of the Koi. A pair of Koi is often used as a good luck symbol for a happy marriage.
As seen in my Koi For Love & Koi For Love Too paintings, prints are available here: Koi For Love Painting & Koi For Love Too Painting.

3 Koi Fish represents energy, vitality and your overall well-being.

4 Koi Fish, the number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese culture, and it is often associated with death and misfortune because the pronunciation of 死 (si), sounds similar to the word for death.
In the West we do not share this association and do not consider the number 4 unlucky. It is associated with the 4 pillars or corners which support a strong structure so represents stable strong foundations and home.

5 Koi Fish represents the 5 Blessings, which are wealth, good health, long life, love and a peaceful natural death.
As as seen in my Five Blessings Koi  painting, prints are available here: Five Blessings Koi.

6 Koi Fish represents success and stability of your business.

7 Koi Fish represents togetherness for Peace and Unity.

8 Koi Fish represents prosperity and incoming Wealth arriving into your home and business.

9 Koi Fish represents unity, prosperity and longevity. The number nine represents attainment and completion. Of the nine fish; eight gold or red fish and one black fish (representing protection) can be used.
As seen in my Wealth & Blessings Koi Fish & Wealth & Blessings 2 Koi Fish paintings, prints are available here: Wealth & Blessings Koi Fish Painting & Wealth & Blessings 2 Koi Fish Painting.

What Other Symbols Are Beneficial In Feng Shui Koi Fish Painting?

The symbology of fish, is closely associated with the energy of water, water is a life giver and so a symbol of continuous abundance. A Koi fish painting containing the element of Water will produce positive and successful outcomes. The water must be gently moving or flowing and fresh and clear.

Paintings depicting Koi jumping over a wave represent success, it symbolises the ability to reach a better, higher level, or according to the legend, the Koi are rising to the Dragonís Gate.

Lotus Flowers
Lotus Flowers are rooted in the mud of ponds and create beautiful flowers high above their roots. Koi painted with lotus flowers symbolise purity, perfection and spirituality in Feng Shui.

Round objects such pebbles and gold coins help chi energy to curve around and flow within the water of the painting.

Where is the Best Place in My Home for a Feng Shui Koi Fish Painting?

As Koi Fish paintings usually contain the water element they can be best placed in the Wealth & Blessings or Career Bagua areas. For more information about the Bagua visit my Feng Shui Art page.

Artwork you love, which contains positive images with which you identify or want to identify with, will help bring that aspiration into your life.
To view my artwork and information on which area of your home it is designed for enter the Gallery and click on the thumbnail picture.


This article is based on a variety of Traditional and Modern Feng Shui principles and Koi symbology.

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