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Feng Shui 'Pathway' Paintings

This article looks at a particular aspect of Feng Shui Art, which has always fascinated me and something I’ve been taking photos of for years; Pathways.
Pathways are a powerful symbol in Feng Shui paintings, they support your connection with nature and can represent a smooth flow of energy from the present to the future. Feng Shui principles apply to paintings too. Like ornaments and photographs they contribute to your homes overall energy, flow and feel.
Photograph in Bournemouth Park by Julia Underwood

What to look For In A Feng Shui Painting Which Includes A Pathway.

If a pathway in a painting is set in a vibrant landscape with different plant types in a mixture of colours this creates a balance of yin and yang. Delicate flower petals represent feminine yin energy while thick strong plants represent masculine yang energy. Trees and healthy plants also symbolise good fortune.
The curves made by a pathway that meanders create good Feng Shui. Curved lines are considered auspicious because positive chi energy slows down as it travels on a curved path. It’s also good if a pathway moves towards the right of the painting and so into the future.

Straight lines and sharp angles are unlucky as negative energy travels quickly in straight lines. A curved path will soften this effect as will other curved features like archways and circles. Circles also symbolise balance and cycles of energy and nature.

If the pathway is decorated with edging and healthy plants it refines and strengthens its direction and purpose. Stepping stones and tiles, bamboo or wood planks, add to its style and grace and can create greater balance of the Feng Shui elements.

A well-lit pathway encourages male yang energy and a well-lit journey.

A painting containing the element of Water like a stream, water feature or fountain will encourage positive and successful outcomes. Water is a life giver and so a symbol of continuous abundance. The water must be gently moving or flowing, fresh and clear.

Enhancing a Feng Shui Element within a Pathway Painting

If you choose a painting that features one or more of the Feng Shui elements it will add more of that elements energy to the painting.

So, for a painting including a pathway;
  • To represent the Earth element look for images with mountain landscapes and plants.
  • For the Metal element look for images of metal or silver objects.
  • For the Water element look for images with rivers, streams and / or fountains.
  • For the Wood element look for images with wood and trees in a landscape.
  • For the Fire element look for images of fire, like a lantern or camp fire.
Always make sure the images are of healthy plants, fresh water and living landscapes.

The Time Of Year Depicted In A Painting Also Represents A Feng Shui Element And Will Enhance Its Energy.

  • Spring - Wood is associated with Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings. The Wood element represents living, growing trees and plants.
  • Summer - Fire is associated with Summer, which brings Fire through the heat of the sun and long warm days, transformation and vibrant colours.
  • Late Summer - Earth is related to Late Summer sometimes called an "Indian summer". During the last of the warm, light-filled days the Earth element can help bring stability and balance before autumn.
  • Autumn - Metal is associated with Autumn, the gathering of crops and shorter days. Metal products from raw minerals and ore, represent the process of refinement and harvest.
  • Winter - Water is associated with Winter, a time of reflection and restoration in this colder darker season. The Water element is gently moving and tranquil.

Images To Avoid In Feng Shui Paintings With Pathways

  • Paths should be easy to walk down and inviting, free of debris and not blocked by objects.
  • There should be no dried leaves on the ground, dead plants or plants with thorns on, as these stop the flow of energy.
  • Steer clear of images of destruction and sadness as these create negative energy.
Think about how the image makes you feel. Choose what you love looking at, what speaks to you as your intentions and desires are important.

Feng Shui Pathway Paintings

Here are two examples of Feng Shui Pathway Paintings:

If you don’t know what path you want to take but you want to move forward, use an image of a meandering pathway or more than one possible pathway. ‘Path Of Life’ is a painting of a walk into a lush green landscape and the future. You can choose which way to walk, travelling over bridges and along roads if you want to, with lots to see and people to meet along the way, the choice is yours.
If you know the direction you want to travel in look for a less curved pathway. In this painting ‘Bluebells With Butterflies’ I’ve left the gate wide open so the path is not blocked into an open sun-lit field. There are strong supporting (yang) trees and fine (yin) bluebells beside the pathway which encourages you to walk out of the shade down the sun-lit path.

Where is the Best Place in My Home for a Pathway Painting?

In the Bagua images of Pathways are most effective in the Career area of your home. For more information about the Bagua visit my Feng Shui Art Page.


This article is based on a variety of Feng Shui principles and symbology.

Paintings included in this article can be viewed at Landscape Gallery.

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