Feng Shui Art - How to Choose Artwork For Your Home

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings to enhance your happiness, health and prosperity.
This page is about one aspect of Feng Shui, the images and colour we surround ourselves with.

The colours you use within your home, the objects you bring into it and where you put them affects and reflects your state of mind.
We now have a much greater understanding of how colour affects our emotions and how the images we see every day can change how we feel in a positive or negative way.
For example: light blues and greens are peaceful calming colours, reds are energetic or passionate and pinks are romantic and healing.

For more information on what colours mean in Feng Shui please read my Feng Shui Colours Article.
I've also written a more in depth article on 'What Is Feng Shui Art?'

Western Feng Shui divides our lives into 9 different areas of aspiration called the BaGua, each area is associated with particular desires and hopes, colours and images.
In the Bagua table below I have added links to my paintings, depending on which area of your home or office they are made for.
Click on an image from the area you are interested in, to view more details.
Each painting includes a Feng Shui section explaining more about which area of your home it was created for. 

The Bagua

Wealth & Blessings

  Fame & Reputation 

Love & Relationships

Element: Wood
Element: Fire
Element: Earth

Ancestors & Family

Health & Well-Being

Children & Creativity

Element: Wood
Element: Earth
Element: Metal


Career & Life Path

Helpful Friends & Travel

Element: Earth
Element: Water
Element: Metal

Artwork you love, which contains positive images, which you connect with or want to identify with, will help bring that aspiration into your life.
To view my artwork and information on which area of your home it is designed for enter the Gallery and click on an image or use the BaGua above.

Vanessa Edwards is an experienced professional Feng Shui consultant and if you would like more advice on any area of Feng Shui please visit her website: Vandaeh Works.


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