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I am a Professional Artist and Website Designer.

I've loved anything creative since I was small and I've been lucky enough to study art at Cambridge College of Art & Design and with other artists, but I gave it up when I left college and developed a career working in IT.

I began painting again in 2006 and can't believe I waited so long. I paint in a range of styles; large acrylic abstract and impressionist pieces, portraits and miniatures. My work is known for its warmth and vibrant colours.

Working on Cherry Blossoms Triptych in my Studio - spot the essential box of chocolates

I believe that the 'things' we surround ourselves with affect our state of mind and can lift and inspire us or drag us down (part of the Feng Shui philosophy).  This is why I've created a section in my website to explain more about Feng Shui Art and how you can use it when choosing artwork for your home. I've studied Feng Shui with experienced consultants and for the last 2 years with the International Feng Shui School of Excellence and recently passed my final written exam, just a few more case studies to complete before I'm fully qualified. I've also completed a Diploma studying Symbolism and am now a professional member of the Society for All Artists (SAA).

When I put my heart and soul into creating a piece of art and someone buys it and it travels to a new home, it's like throwing a pebble into a pool; it creates ripples and who knows what positive effects, that I may never see or hear about, but they still happen.
In 2016 I became a member of the Healing Power of Art & Artists having been inspired by the work Renee Phillips does to raise awareness about how art enhances well-being & stimulates positive change.

Since then Renee has featured my work in the Manhattan Arts International Newsletter Manhattan Arts International Newsletter as the The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS (HPAA) Featured Artist:
"I'm delighted to present Julia Underwood as the Featured Artist. She applies Feng Shui principles to produce healing paintings. For positive uplifting art visit her page"  Renée Phillips July 2018
The Featured Artist of the Week on The Healing Power of ART online art gallery. "Julia Underwood creates breathtaking colourful paintings, often nature-inspired, that sweep us into other-worldly delights." Renée Phillips
And in Dec 2020, May 2021, Jan 2022, Dec 2022 and June 2023 The Healing Power of ART online art gallery "Julia Underwood is the Featured Artist on The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS website. She applies Feng Shui principles to produce healing paintings. Her works of art are relaxing and also uplifting." Renée Phillips

I was also asked in 2021 by the American television network - Showtime, to license one of my Wealth & Blessings Koi paintings to use in the new hit TV series Dexter - New Blood, which streamed in the UK in Autumn 2021. I've managed to get a couple of still shots from the promotional videos.
The flashback bathroom scenes of the trinity killer include my painting (Ep. 7 & 9 ).
Showtime licensed one of my Wealth & Blessings paintings to be used in the new series of 'Dexter - New Blood'.

I now work full time painting and building bespoke websites which you can find out more about on my sister site Jewells Web.

In my spare time I love photography, reading (anything and everything), supporting the wildlife in my garden (especially the Hedgehogs and Magpies) I'm currently working on a meadow garden and walking in sunny Lincolnshire UK.

If you'd like to know more visit my articles page to read: An Interview With Julia and my Ethical Policy page for details on my commitment to sustainability.

All my art is Copyright ©Jewells Art. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share but with my name credited alongside it, as I'd love to see it!
Many thanks for your respect.

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I've also started to collect Artists Quotes which inspire me and share them on my website, this is my favourite:

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Member of the Healing Power of Art & Artists

Professional Member of the Society for All Artists (SAA)


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