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What Is Feng Shui Art?

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which creates harmony in your surroundings to enhance your happiness, health and prosperity. Sometimes we make use of its principles without knowing their origins. For example, you may have heard a lot about clutter clearing recently, this is part of the Feng Shui philosophy.

How Can You Use it in Your Home?

Western Feng Shui divides our lives into 9 different areas of aspiration, they are; Wealth & Blessings, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationships, Ancestors & Family, Health & Well Being, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Life Path and Helpful Friends & Travel, collectively they form the Feng Shui energy map known as the BaGua.
The BaGua can be used to show which areas of a building (your home or office) relate to each aspiration by overlaying the BaGua on a plan of the building. The position it is placed in, on top of the building plan depends on the buildings location and compass direction.

The Health & Well Being aspiration is always in the centre.

Using colours, images and objects in the right location within your home in alignment with the BaGua will support and enhance that aspiration. To view the full BaGua visit my Feng Shui Art Page.
Bagua diagram by Julia Underwood

What is Feng Shui Art?

Each area of the BaGua is associated with particular elements, colours and images. A lot of the Feng Shui BaGua philosophy matches our western view of what colours and images mean to us. We now have a much greater understanding of how colour affects our emotions and how the images we see every day can change how we feel in a positive or negative way. For example: yellow makes us think of sunshine and so it feels cheerful and warm, red is energetic and passionate and pink is romantic. Joyful images which make us smile, lush landscapes which inspire and our favourite colours are uplifting. Feng Shui Art uses the colours and images associated with a specific area of aspiration to create positive energy for the viewer.

Feng Shui Career & Life Path Aspiration

Looking in more detail at one area of the BaGua; the Career & Life Path, an image which is very good for this area is of a pathway. Pathways are a powerful symbol in Feng Shui paintings, they support your connection with nature and can represent a smooth flow of energy from the present to the future along your career or life path.
In this painting the pathway is set in a vibrant landscape with different plant types in a mixture of colours which creates a balance of yin and yang. Trees and healthy plants also symbolise good fortune.

The curves made by a pathway that meanders create good Feng Shui. Curved lines are considered auspicious because positive chi energy slows down as it travels on a curved path.

The Water element is also beneficial in the Career area, so touches of blue, white and light grey on the walls or furnishings is also good.
Here are two examples of Feng Shui Pathway Paintings:
The Path Of Life by Julia Underwood

If you don’t know what path you want to take but you want to move forward, use an image of a meandering pathway or more than one possible pathway.
‘Path Of Life’ is a painting of a walk into a lush green landscape and the future. You can choose which way to walk, travelling over bridges and along roads if you want to, with lots to see and people to meet along the way, the choices are yours.
If you know the direction you want to travel in, look for a less curved pathway. In this painting ‘Bluebells With Butterflies’ I’ve left the gate wide open so the path is not blocked into an open sun-lit field. There are strong supporting (yang) trees and fine (yin) bluebells beside the pathway which encourages you to walk out of the shade onto the sun-lit path.

Final Thoughts

Artwork you love, which contains positive images with which you identify or want to identify with, will help bring that aspiration into your life. Every time you look at the image you are reminded of the feelings and emotions you have associated with it, if that’s an image which made you feel happy and content, seeing it again will reinforce those emotions and make you feel happy and content again.

Choose Artwork that speaks to you and you love looking at, in Feng Shui your intentions and desires are key.


This article is based on a variety of Feng Shui principles and symbology, but could not have been written without the expertise of Vanessa Edwards, professional Feng Shui consultant:

To view my artwork and information on which area of your home it is designed for:
  • Select an individual painting from my Gallery and read the paintings Feng Shui section.
  • Or visit my Feng Shui Art page and select an image directly from the Bagua.

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